In this week’s episode of the If This Film Taught Us Anything podcast, Zenia and Lorraine are discussing the recent Netflix release Isn’t It Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, How To Be Single, Bridesmaids), Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games, The Dressmaker, Hemsworth the younger), Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect, Modern Family).  Rebel Wilson’s Natalie lives and works in New York.  She is an architect for a successful firm, working with her best friend Josh, although she struggles to be noticed as anything other than the coffee and bagel girl.  Even her dog basically ignores her.  After a run-in with a mugger, she hits her head knocking her unconscious.  Coming to in hospital, Natalie wakes up in a hyper-pigmented, super-bright world.  In fact, she’s in her worst nightmare, a romantic comedy.

This week’s we think about this film, Rebel Wilson and romantic films in general.  Lorraine makes a stunning realisation and, for once, Zenia isn’t showing off her trash TV knickers!

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Contains explicit language throughout.