In this week’s episode of the If This Film Taught Us Anything movie podcast, Zenia and Lorraine are discussing Jordan Peele’s Us.  This is a horror movie (which Zenia doesn’t like – FACTS), in which a family goes to stay at their holiday home and then visits the beach.  Starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as husband and wife Adelaide and Gabe.  During the stay at the beach house, Adelaide is troubled by an upcoming beach visit, due to an unresolved incident from her childhood.  On the beach, she is clearly tense and cannot settle, especially when her son disappears.  When Gabe, Adelaide and their children return home, the family are disturbed as they see the silhouette of another family standing in their driveway after dark.  When the family reveal themselves, they are clearly the doppelgängers of our original family.  The situation soon escalates as they try to escape this terrifying situation.

This week’s movie podcast episode loosely follows the usual format, but, basically, Zenia and Lorraine are overexcited and lose control of the conversation from time to time.  However, they learnt a lot from watching this film.  They learnt about striving to improve yourself.  They learnt about film-making and they learnt about the things that influence us.

Contains explicit language throughout.