“Intimidatingly funny!’
“They’ll make you laugh and they’ll make you think!”

If This Film Taught Us Anything is a fortnightly podcast full of film chat.  We don’t review the films; instead we have the sorts of conversations that you have with your friends after watching a movie.  Your hosts, Lorraine and Zenia, discuss what we learnt from the films that we have seen.  The chat is full of talk about plot holes, our favourite bits, the worst bits and everything in between.

We veer wildly off topic, before course correcting and bringing the conversation back on track.  We often disagree, and frequently change our minds during the conversations – such is the strength of our arguments.  Often the conversations are nonsensical, aren’t the best conversations with your friends that way? Sometimes, however, we also have searingly honest conversations about the state of the world.

So, if you fancy joining us for our regular movie chat, take a seat on the sofa beside us and listen in.

Fair warning, this podcast contains both swearing and light-hearted bickering.

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What Hobbs and Shaw Taught Us

What did Hobbs and Shaw teach us? Find out in this week’s episode of If This Film Taught Us Anything, a monthly movie podcast.

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